Michelle & TheBoys a.k.a. running and newspapers

TheBoys participated in the Kids Fun Run at the Baltimore Running Festival. Here they are about to hop the Light Rail on the way to race!

They got shirts, numbered race bibs, medals and snacks at the end, and tons of swag – just like all the grown folks. I was so excited they had the chance to do something like that. Michelle and I find value in giving them a variety of experiences so they can find things they like. Ryan got a particular charge out of the medal at the end and they both loved all the free swag.
The Kids Fun Run was basically through a section of Oriole Park at Camden Yards and part way down Ravens Walk headed towards M&T Bank Stadium. They got to cross the same finish line as all the other races that day! After their race they all stayed to have fun at the event and cheer me on at the finish of my first marathon. While they were waiting they even got interviewed by a reporter from the Baltimore Sun and ended up being in the Sunday edition in the article covering the festival! Here’s a link to the full article: 2013 Baltimore Marathon
Here’s the excerpt:
“Michelle Dunn, from Lutherville, went to the running festival to support her husband, Krister, who was running the marathon. She brought their two sons, Dylan, 8, and Ryan, 6, who both ran in the Kids Fun Run.

“This is our first time coming,” Dunn said. “I thought, ‘Let’s sign them up, because it will be easier to wait.’”

Dylan said that while he enjoyed racing, he wouldn’t be following in his father’s footsteps anytime soon.

“I don’t want to run a marathon,” Dylan said. “It will take too long.”

There you have it. That’s how The Sun chose to close their feature on the day, so who am I to fight the freedom of the press?

How does your family work together to support each other and have fun?

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